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Every Step Counts!

As you start your Knit Fit journey, I would like to offer the following tips which I have found to be helpful:

    1. Wear comfortable footwear. I prefer sneakers when I walk indoors at the mall or around an indoor track. When outside on a walking path or in the park, I either wear sneakers or walking shoes.
    2.  Find a smooth level route. Our town has a village green surrounded by sidewalk which works well for Knit Fit walks. If you are near a walking path, a park or have access to a high school track, you are in business!
    3. Invite a friend. Please double your pleasure and walk with a friend. Having a companion helps you stick to your plan. I am a believer in the African proverb which states “If you want to walk faster, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk with a friend.”
    4. Use circular needles. I strongly recommend bamboo circular needles. I like to start out with larger needles, 10 or 10 1/2 and 16 inches in length.
    5. Choose worsted or bulky weight yarn. Light or bright colored yarns are easier to see and work up quickly.
    6. Keep your project simple. Easy hat projects are ideal for Knit Fit walks. Hats work up quickly and are perfect for charity knitting.
    7. Cast on before you walk. I like to cast on and knit a few rows while I finish my morning coffee before I head out with my Knit Fit project.
    8.  Find your own rhythm. It is your journey. Remember that Knit Fit walking is designed for your enjoyment and wellness.
    9.  Remember to breathe. Please take time to check your posture and relax your shoulders.
    10. Knit/Walk/Smile/Repeat.


Congrats! You are headed in the right direction!