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Add Knit Fit to your daily routine and see how quickly your steps and stitches add up!

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How to Knit Fit

Step 1: Buy our Kit

The Get Knit Fit bag is a ripstop bag lined in a cotton ruler print, and designed to hang from your wrist as you walk. It contains everything you'd need for your knitting journey: A hat pattern, your choice of Maine yarn in four colorways, bamboo circular needles, stitch holders & markers and more!

Step 2: Plan your Adventure

Find a smooth level route in a park or around the neighborhood. Invite a friend and arrange a meeting time. Wear comfortable shoes. Cast on your stitches and knit a few rows before you walk. 

Step 3: Get Knit Fit

Find your own rhythm as you begin your journey and  remember to breathe. Use your row counter to keep track of your laps, if you’d like.

Knit, Walk, Smile, Repeat.


What a lovely way to spend a few hours and get some well needed exercise.

Pat D.

A perfect way to get in those 10,000 steps. Knitting while walking and chatting with friends.

Laney L.

With Knit Fit I can get my exercise and my knitting done at the same time!

Jennifer C.

Both of us were honored to receive a Knitfit Kit last week and will be donating our hats to a shelter in Chicago that collects hats for the homeless youth.

Diane G.

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