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Knitting as a Remedy

Dear Knit Fit knitters,

As we try to manage our lives during this unsettling time, I am sure many of you are experiencing the same fear, anxiety and distress that I am feeling. It is frustrating not knowing when our lives will return to something more normal. Yet, we can be grateful during this time of great upheaval that we can reach for our knitting for solace and comfort. We knitters have a skill which can help us cope in multiple situations. I routinely turn to my knitting whenever I am lonely, anxious, bored or even just too tired to think! Knitting truly is a remedy for “whatever ails you.”

As I shelter in place, I am striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle by knit/walking every day. While on my daily Knit Fit walks, I’ve been thinking a lot about the synergy of walking and knitting. What is the magic that is created when we sync our stitches and our steps? For me, knitting and walking provides the same meditative state that I feel in a yoga class. After a few steps, I begin to sense my center and my breath. I can let go of worries and focus on the present. I begin to feel whatever stress was happening before my walk begin to drift away from my body and consciousness. Studies have shown that walking combats stress which is one of the major causes of immune system dysfunction. Knitting while walking is a great way to deal with stress in a positive and enjoyable way. In addition, I love the feeling of accomplishment I get from seeing my project grow as I keep up my commitment to staying active.

So, as we struggle to connect online with our fellow knitters and make the personal adjustments required at this time of upheaval, I encourage you to dig out one of your delicious skeins of yarn from your stash, and some medium size circular needles, preferably bamboo or nylon if that is available to you, and “take your yarn for a walk”. I wish you all good health as we take small steps together to live a healthy knitting lifestyle.

“Walking is our best medicine” - Hippocrates

“Knit on with confidence and hope through all crises” - Elizabeth Zimmerman