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Down to the Knitty Gritty

As you become acquainted with Knit Fit, you will discover lots of ways to vary your projects as well as your paths.

When I designed the Get Knit Fit hat pattern which is included in the Knit Fit Kit, I was inspired to see how versatile a simple tube hat could be. Knitting a long tube on circular needles allows a Knit Fit walker to concentrate on taking steps and enjoying the view. No increasing or decreasing is required, and if you finish by gathering the cast on edge and the bind off edge, you do not need to use double pointed needles.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am coaching a local group of Knit Fit knitters here on Mount Desert Island. Our local Knit Fit group is made up of knitters from many diverse backgrounds. We have a former state senator, a local business woman, a vet assistant, a retired Air Force officer as well as a nurse in our ranks. This lively group provides lots of stimulating ideas for developing Knit Fit.

Along with the notion that every step counts, I like the idea of keeping a fitness record with your knitting. You could alternate colors with alternate days for a fun striped hat. Or use a different color for each day of the week. This variation turns out to be a great stash buster! If you want to stay with a solid color, consider purling a row as you begin each outing. How about switching colors on your return route? So many ways to customize as you see fit!

So, I’m looking forward to hearing from you and hope you will share your ideas and project variations as the Knit Fit community continues to grow!