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Casting On

Reflections On A Knit Fit Journey.

And so it begins. A welcoming. A fresh approach. A new start.

A chance to begin. A chance to think. A chance to let go.

Following a path. Following a pattern.

Repeating steps. Repeating stitches.


Noticing. Breathing. Exploring. Creating.

Counting breaths. Counting stitches.

Loosening. Tightening. Stretching.

Building strength. Building endurance. Building community.

Listening. Opening. Laughing.

Realigning. Redoing. Redesigning.


Holding yarn. Holding space.

Admiring colors. Seeing designs. Feeling textures.

Looping. Wrapping. Pulling thru.


Being mindful. Being present. Being calm.

Nurturing. Connecting. Reflecting.

Expressing appreciation. Gratitude. Admiration. Respect.

Pausing. Slowing down.

Binding off.