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And a good time was had by all!

What a pleasure to greet the Vogue Knitters on the New England/Canada tour during their recent stopover in Bar Harbor!  Our Knit Fit team of ambassadors were ready and waiting at the pier when the Norwegian Breakaway arrived. In spite of early morning showers (actually a heavy torrential downpour), our crew was in good spirits.

As the passengers arrived, we had lots of time to assemble and get acquainted with our new knitter friends.  I especially enjoyed meeting Norah Gaughan, Carla Scott and Michelle Bernstein, who were onboard.  By the way, I learned that Michele Bernstein spells her name with one "L" because she is not very tall!  I guess I can still use two "L"s for my name because I am tall? Not sure. Is 5'6" considered tall?


Anyway, everyone was thrilled when we presented them with their new Knit Fit kits.  Our Knit Fit kits come in 4 colors - red, green, gray, and navy.  I went with the navy colored kits to go with the cruise ship theme.  We got such a heartwarming response when they modeled their new project bags!   I loved how delighted they were with the contents - Thunderhole hat pattern, Maine made Jaggerspun yarn, bamboo circular needles and Knit Fit instructional guide!  Carla Scott, the former editor of Vogue Knitting was gracious enough to pose for a snapshot with me!

Fortunately, everything went according to plan.  I gave a brief intro about Knit Fit LLC.  I explained that traditionally knitters walked with their knitting while going to and from the market or while performing other chores.  Everyone casted on a few stitches to start a practice swatch and then we knit as we strolled up historic West Street.  It was the first time these knitters had tried "taking their yarn for a walk."  I was so please with their willingness and enthusiasm.  They were so pleased with their instant success!

Our luck with the weather held out just long enough to get a group photo in front of La Rochelle mansion! 


Photo credit to Stephanie McCann, our talented Knit Fit marketing director! Here she is with, you guessed it, my son and web designer, Tim.  Go team!

After an informative tour with the staff of the Bar Harbor Historical Society, it was time for refreshments in the piazza and a visit to the Knit Fit pop up shop.  Perhaps you can spot Norah Gaughan off to the right?


Afterwards, these lucky knitters were off to explore Bar Harbor and check out Bee's, our quaint yarn and candy shop.

 And grab a lobster roll at Stewman's. 

Well, I guess we covered the bases and hit all the highlights.  Thanks to the fun loving knitters on the Tours by Vogue Knitting cruise, we all had a wonderful time!

"Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life.  It's also about what you inspire others to do."

Mission accomplished.


Best, Michelle